Greg Nash

Ever since he was a kid, Greg Nash has had a passion for buildings. He built his career upon that passion and has been in commercial interiors since 1983. He specializes in design-build projects and oversees Seagate’s team at every stage in their diverse portfolio of projects. Thanks to his attention to detail and depth of experience, every project is finished to the highest standard. He brings Seagate’s company values to every interaction, ensuring that there is mutual respect and a positive working environment for everyone involved, from team members to clients.

Maureen Kramar

Maureen Kramar manages all the business administration at the company. She has 30 years of experience in the accounting field, and ensures the office operates smoothly and efficiently, and that all her team’s needs are addressed. She takes pride of workmanship seriously and makes sure her team is equipped to deliver a quality product, always. As a co-owner, she embodies the company’s core values and prioritizes people above all else.

Dawn Carstairs

Dawn assists management, employees and clients with any and all administrative duties required to make our office run effectively.

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Natasha Veenstra

In addition to being the first point of contact for anyone walking into the Seagate office, Natasha assists both the management and administrative sides of Seagate. She works with the project managers to manage all correspondence related to Seagate's Projects.

Natasha Veenstra


Mark Dargatz

Mark Dargatz is a Civil Engineer Technologist and has been an Estimator and Project Manager since 2005.  Mark takes pride in his ability to organize and orchestrate all aspects of the project from initial pricing to construction scheduling, contract documents, and close out documents.  His exemplary communication skills have allowed him to develop long-standing, trust relationships with clients, subcontractors and site staff.

Leo Desaulniers

Leo Desaulniers got his start in the industry as an HVAC specialist, and now brings that architectural, mechanical mindset to his role as a project manager. He specializes in professional corporate offices in the downtown core, and treats every project with the utmost care, regardless of the size or scope. He is a lifelong learner who constantly looks for ways to further develop his knowledge, and has unparalleled problem-solving skills — he knows how to handle any roadblock that may arise, and will always find a solution to ensure a project can be executed as the client envisions it.

Jessica Leithoff

Jessica Leithoff is an Interior Design Technologist who has been in the industry since 2005 and recently acquired her LEED GA. Her grounding in interior design allows her to better envision every stage of a project, and is invaluable when it comes to collaborating with designers during the construction process. Jessica is meticulous about every detail within a project, and her approach allows her to catch any potential issues early on. She is known for her organizational process and her ability to ensure everyone is on task and motivated, delivering a project that is on track with a clean finish that will surpass clients’ expectations.

Dean Rusnak

Dean Rusnak has been in the industry since 1994 and specializes in commercial, educational and retail projects. His background in power engineering and building maintenance allows

 allows him to foresee not just the end result, but also the future functionality of a space; he is able to work with clients to ensure their spaces will function optimally in the long-term. He is dedicated to always going the extra mile, and thrives on challenging projects — the more complex and multi-faceted the build, the more eager he is to tackle it. He oversees all elements of a project, from pre-construction to completion.

David Carriere

David Carriere is a Civil Engineering Technologist who has been in the industry since 2011. His strength with numbers and attention to detail ensures projects are priced accurately, and he is a wealth of information regarding any questions pertaining to tenders and estimates. He is passionate about building relationships and adding a personal touch to every business interaction. David prioritizes relationships and works to create a positive experience, allowing the quality of the product to speak for itself. In addition to his role as an estimator, David has begun to take on a project management role, running small to medium size projects.

Kyle Kramar

Kyle has four years of experience in construction equipment sales, and in 2017, made the transition to becoming an estimator. His strong communication skills, attention to detail, prioritization of deadlines and willingness to soak up the expertise of his colleagues have made him a valuable asset to the team. He believes in transparency and the importance of building strong relationships. He aspires to add project management to his skill set, and has been working on smaller projects to achieve that goal.

Martin Neyka

Martin Neyka brings nearly three decades of construction experience to Seagate, having advanced from working in the field to taking on field supervisory and project manager roles. He excels in complicated, technical jobs that require a methodical approach, and specializes in medical and dental projects. He is a trusted resource for specialty projects, including structural builds involving elevators and projects incorporating medical gases. Martin is also a nationally accredited Safety Officer.